Mentally Ill Black Woman Forced To Deliver Her Own Baby In Jail

Black Woman

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In the early days of April, a woman by the name of Tammy Jackson, who is mentally ill and currently spending time in a Florida detention center was forced to deliver her own baby in an isolation cell.


According to reports, Jackson complained of having pain, nonetheless no one tended to her needs.


Jackson was allegedly found lying in her cell holding her newborn baby on the morning of April 10th.


The Chief Assistant Public Defender released a statement saying: “I am incensed and heartbroken after learning that a mentally ill client was forced to deliver her child alone in a jail cell… It is unconscionable that any woman, particularly a mentally ill woman, would be abandoned in her cell to deliver her own baby…“Your staff did not protect either Ms Jackson or her child. Despite their neglect and callous indifference, both Ms Jackson and her child survived. It remains to be seen how this gross negligence will affect Ms Jackson’s already fragile mental health.”


It has been reported that the Jail staff was well aware Jackson was approaching her due date to give birth, yet left her bleeding in her cell to have a baby without a a doctor or jail staff member present.


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Source: The Root