Behind The Beat: Metro Boomin Shares The Secret To Chemistry With Future

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Metro Boomin has certainly cracked the code for longevity in his partnership with longtime collaborator Future. Now, he’s sharing their recipe for success.

In a recent chat with Don Cannon’s TmrO Network, the Heroes & Villains rapper and producer spilled the beans on his approach to making music, revealing he’s set the bar high, beginning with himself.

“I just try to wow myself and that’s a part of keeping that kid and that fan in me always alive, you know what I’m saying,” he began at the 12:08 mark before revealing he stans everyone he’s worked with, Future included. “Everybody I work with, I always been fans of. Like even before I met Future, I was always a fan in high school.

“So when I get with him it’s like that inner fan to me, that 10th grade fan, that junior year fan is like, ‘Okay, let me try to make a song with this n-gga that I would just be like, yeah, I wanna play this shit all the time.’ I feel like that’s the key.”

“And it go back to people having other motives on why they doing what they doing. Like maybe they just trying to get some money or try to just get this accolade, purely for what comes with it or whatever,” he continued.

“And they just approaching it wrong bro. They feel like they gotta make something for everybody or try to appease these people; or ‘this is in now, so let me try to do this;’ or this is for that result. It’s just not pure.”

Earlier this month, the dynamic duo announced the release of not one but two joint albums, beginning with the release of We Don’t Trust You.

In the trailer, a white Bentley truck cruises down a scenic deserted highway, meeting an identical SUV. Pluto and Metro step out in matching suits, leading to the title We Don’t Trust You with dates (March 22 and April 12) being splashed across the screen. The clip ends with Future rapping a hook echoing the title, accompanied by the sound of gunfire in the background.

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