Michael B. Jordan Seemingly Unbothered By Boosie Calling Him A ‘Simp’ For Dating Lori Harvey

(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Michael B. Jordan loves him some Lori Harvey.

We previously reported that Boosie referred to Michael. B as a “simp” for wifing Lori. Boosie went on to say the industry has put the 24-year-old on a pedestal, which made her more desirable to celebrities looking for clout. “You wouldn’t put her [on your list]. The music has,” he said. “You got to look at the bachelors who hear her on somebody song and be like, ‘Who everybody talking about?’ ‘Watch this, I’m finna go get her.’ You got to give the bachelors some kind of credit.”


Regardless of what Boosie or anybody else has to say, Michael is seemingly unbothered. He jumped online to show his girlfriend love amidst all the hearsay. He shares a series of photo’s and writes, “I love you baby.”