Migos Claims They Were ‘CHEATED’ Out Of A Grammys Win

Migos at Beats x Migos x Grammy Event
(Photo Credit: Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)

Migos had a big 2017, and were hoping to have an even bigger start of 2018 after releasing their album Culture 2 and a Grammys nomination.

Unfortionately for them they lost both Best Rap Album for Culture and Best Rap Performance for “Bad And Boujee” to Kendrick Lamar who had a big night with five awards.

In a brand new interview with NME, the group claims they were cheated that night after not winning a Grammy.

“They cheated us,” says Offset as I ask if they had a good time at the ceremony. “There was nothing bigger than the f**king ‘Culture’ album this whole last year!” adds a disgruntled Quavo. “They’re scared to handle the three-headed monster… Ooh! [But] we’ll be back next year.” His mumble then becomes a yell: “WE’LL BE F**KING BACK NEXT YEAR.”

The group was on Ebro in the Morning shortly before the Grammys where their confidence soared through the roof before guarenteeing a Grammys win.

Watch that interview below.