Mike Epps Apologizes To His Wife After Saying He ‘Never Treated A Woman 100% Right’

Mike Epps is sending a heartfelt apology to his wife after some of his recent comments went viral.

During a recent episode of the All the Smoke podcast, Epps opens up about his desire to treat a woman right before he dies. “I’ve never treated a woman right … this is one of my dreams” he says as he admits to never treating a woman 100% like she’s deserves.

Following the interview, Mike faced a bit of backlash as he is currently married to Kyra Epps, and confused fans by his afromentioned statement. He later apologized to his wife for his “ignorant and reckless” comments. “I wanna apologize to my wife for what I said on this dumb ass podcast s–t,” he stated. He went on to say, “this s**t is a trick bag… I am always misunderstood on what I say on the internet,” he expressed.

Take a look below.