Milano Shares Why Meek Mill Broke Up With Her

Meek Mill wearing blue hoodie on stage
(Photo by Brian Stukes/Getty Images)

True or troll?

We previously reported that Meek Mill announced via Instagram that he was separating from his girlfriend, and the mother of his child, Milan Harris.  He writes, “We me and Milano decided to remain friends and build our child as separate parents … we still have mad love for eachother but we both came to a understanding! -meek-..”

He also reassured fans that the two didn’t have a fall out, rather they’ve just decided to continue as friends. “no fall out either just moving forward! Still love! This for protection so social media wont think we moving wrong..”

Neither of the two addressed why they decided to split, until now. Milano shared a meal she cooked via Instagram, and a fan couldn’t help but ask why Meek decided to “leave her?”

She shared, “Cuz I ain’t sh*t, I ain’t gon be sh*t, and I don’t have sh*t,” wrote the businesswoman in the comments. She could be just be trolling, seems like a nicer way to tell us to stay out her business.

Take a look below.