Millyz Got Bars In #Freestyle049 With Funk Flex [VIDEO]

MillyZ in Hot 97 Studio

Yeah we running up on the 50th Freestyle in this new series, putting out these BARS, changing the culture back to where it needs to be!! TBH there is absolutely nothing wrong with ‘mumble rappers’ Yeah, but it’s just not in the same lane as these rappers, as they actually rap, the other kids are more entertainers, chasing the pop life, trying to be as big as they can be from the gate, god bless them if they can, but these Rappers, with Bars, they rep the essence, the true culture, the thing that start this all off and grew it to the point that the the mumbles were able to chase pop life! Any way, I got kinda off topic since I’m supposed to be talking about the dope job Millyz from Mass did his thing, he def did, Sun got skills! Check him out;

He’s a genuine Hip Hoper loving the music, and spitting, learned the culture from the ground up, keep your eye out for him!! I’m not with the lean line, but I know these kids nowadays f**k with it, crazy thing is we had no parents on us, and we didn’t do sh** like that, these kids generally got both parents in the home but find it cool…. ok I sound like someone’s dad… I am, and Mines is excelling, maybe I know what I’m talking about, but I know you won’t see it, its cool, more room for mines to pass you