Minneapolis Police Warrant Identifies The Umbrella Man Who Helped Start The George Floyd Riots

TOPSHOT - Protesters march across the Brooklyn Bridge over the death of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police during a Juneteenth rally in New York on June 19
(Photo by BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP via Getty Images)

The Umbrella Man may have been identified by Minneapolis police. 

According to the search warrant, reported by CNN, it cites that the man associated with the “Aryan Cowboys”, maybe the suspected “Umbrella Man”. The group in which he is associated with is described to be a known prison gang out of Minnesota and Kentucky. The group is listed as a White supremacist prison and street gang according to the Anti-Defamation League. 

The man’s identity has not been revealed as of yet and no charges have been filed against him. John Elder, the spokesman for the Minneapolis Police said that the case is “an open and active investigation.”

On May 27th, two days after George Floyd was murdered, protestors in Minneapolis approached and filmed the man while he was breaking the windows of a local AutoZone.The video has since gone viral. See the video below.