Model Melyssa Ford Opens Up About Battling Depression Following Serious Car Crash [PHOTO]

Melyssa Ford on red carpet.

Photo Credit: Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

We know Melyssa Ford for her famous run as a model, video vixen, as well as an actress.

Recently, the model was involved in a car accident that left her with a fractured skull. An 18-wheeler clipped her Jeep causing her car to flip over mulitple times.

It appears Melyssa made a full recovery, but she took to Instagram to pen a letter about her battling depression. She expresses that her battle became more prevalent after her car accident.

Read the Instagram post below.

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I’m battling Depression. Crushing, malignant Depression. It was always there; it’s just been made a little worse because of the head trauma from the crash. There are days where simple tasks takes the effort of 40 men; mornings where I’m unhappy to wake and see the sun because it’s another day spent listlessly looking for solid meaning in life. The guilt I feel at having survived and not feeling constant gratitude is a heavy weight to bear. I’m trying to jump back into my life but it feels like there are two Me’s: Before and After the crash. And I barely know who Before Me is anymore. Trying to seek help feels like drowning in a strong current with a lifeline swinging right above your head. I say all this to say check in with your ‘strongest friend’… no one ever does.

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