Monica Reacts To The Passing Of Young Dolph, Says She Seen Him Day Before He Died

(photo cred: Getty Images)

Monica speaks out about the passing of Memphis rapper Young Dolph.

We previously reported that the 36-year-old rapper was shot and killed in at a local cookie store in Memphis store. It’s reported that a car pulled up and shot him dead while buying cookies for his mother.

The news shocked fans, loved ones and his fellow hip-hop community. Monica, who is a long time friend of Dolph shared her sentiments via Instagram. She writes, “my heart is shattered [broken heart emoji],” Monica wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “I had no idea that last night would be the last time I saw your face! I told you you were my brother & that’s how it will remain FOREVER!! #UntilWeMeetAgain To your Family especially Your Wife & Children I am here!”