Mother Of London On Da Track’s Child Calls Out Shenseea: ‘Keep Yourself & Your Son AWAY’ 

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A woman named Eboni Ivory shares a child with producer London On Da Track and has some words for Shenseea.

Today (November 14), Eboni shared via IG Story a message to Shenseea, warning her to take her son to therapy for allegedly doing something to her daughter. 

Eboni said in one of the messages, “I’m saying loud and clear, and I mean it from the bottom of my soul. Shenseea, you and your little nasty son stay away from my daughter.” In another message, Eboni wrote, “Shenseea, you need to talk to your son and take him to therapy before he grows up and gets into real trouble.” It’s not clear what Eboni is referring to.

In another story post, Eboni said, “in the meantime, I’m saying loud and clear again. Shenseea keep yourself and your son AWAY from my daughter for the rest of your life.” In the next story message, Eboni wrote:

“And don’t act like I didn’t dm you first and reach out to everyone else. If people close to you didn’t let you know your bad.” Eboni then talks about what really ticked her off, she said, 

“You been playing on my top from the jump trying to make Paris call you mom like a weirdo. Now you and your son are weird af and it gotta be your fault bc he’s a kid.” 

Eboni also let it be known she doesn’t want London romantically. Although London and Shenseea haven’t officially come out as a couple, there’s been rumors of them dating, but neither confirmed nor denied the rumor. 

It’s not clear if Eboni has police involved with her alleged claims. We’ll keep you updated. 

SB: Eboni is the woman that Summer Walker fans speculate is talking about in her 2021 song “Bitter” off her second studio album, Still Over It.