Ms. London Issues An Apology To Lil Baby And His GF Jayda

(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

Ms. London issued an apology after she claimed Lil Baby paid her a large amount of money to have relations with her.

She says via Twitter, “clearing out the air, their was a small misunderstanding on what I said, I was drinking but what I said was factual dates were just not aligned,” she tweeted. “And he was PISSED! I apologized and we were supposed to fix it for the public. Does baby love his girl ! YES!!!” Ms. London later added, “I need to start taking accountability me talking sh*t is literally my personality. It’s no clout involved this is just part of my personality if you play with me I got something smart to say.”

“Baby loves his girl, he not out her just acting crazy but men will be men,” said Ms. London. “Got to keep it real we are all team Lil baby!” she added. “He’s good person maybe just horny. And I was just drunk and speaking to loud. My bad. Tryied to do damage control the internet was not having that. Feel like we should stop trending and let them be in love.”

Lil Baby seemingly replied.