Mystikal Rejects Plea Deal In Rape Charge And Wants To Take Case To Trial [PHOTO]

Rapper Mystikal visits Music Choice on April 27

Photo credit – Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Mystikal isn’t interested in any plea deals because he says his accusers are lying. He “strongly believes” the charges will get dropped.

The “Shake It Fast” rapper was charged with rape in Louisiana in August 2017. Prosecutors offered him a deal where if he pleads guilty to simple rape, the aggravated rape charge, which carries a life sentence, would be reduced to simple third-degree rape, with a 25-year max sentence. They were also willing to drop the second-degree kidnapping charge.

Mystikal and his defense team are unwilling to do that because they believe the alleged victim isn’t telling the truth. In 2003 he pled guilty to sexual battery and extortion, and he was imprisoned for approximately 7 years. He’s a registered sex offender in Louisiana.

Trial begins in May.