Nas & Will Smith Make ANOTHER Great Business Decision!

(Photo Credit: Yuliya Christensen/Getty Images)

Nas and Will Smith are two of many investors who are looking to help teach financial literacy to the younger generation.

According to TechCrunch both parties invested in a startup company called Step. The app will help people teens learn how to better manage their money. It will also feature no-fee banking to help in the money management, with different services becoming available as they grow older.

“As teens grow up we want to grow with them,” CEO and Founder of Step, ” CJ MacDonald said. “We will start offering products when they go to college, for example lending money to get books or computers.”

Other investors include Dreamers fund, Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Wndrco, Ronnie Lott, Matt Rutler, Kevin Gould, and Moat founders Noah and Jonah Goodhart.

Nas has seen success with various other investments such as Genius, Lyft, PlutoTV, and more.