NBA Player Jalen Green Shows Off Draya Michele Tattoo Following Pregnancy Announcement

Jalen Green seemingly shows off a “Draya” tattoo after his rumored girlfriend revealed she is currently expecting a baby girl.

We previously reported that the model and former reality star shared the news via Instagram in honor of Internation Womens Day. In a heartfelt message she writes, “as women, we navigate through so much, often leading us to question, “What is my purpose?” For me, the magic lies in motherhood and the awe-inspiring ability to bring life into this world over the span of two decades. It’s my superpower. And if anything can surpass the wonder of being a woman, it’s the privilege of bringing another woman into existence..”

Although Draya didn’t say who the baby’s father is, fans are convinced it’s Green as the two have been spotted out together numerous times.

Green, 22, has yet to confirm the status of he and Michele’s, 37, relationship. However, his tattoo seemingly of her name has gone viral. Take a look below.