NBA YoungBoy Arrested On Drug & Fraud Charges In Utah

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Rapper NBA Youngboy, who was serving house arrest in Utah, has been arrested on several charges, according to the jail records from the Cache County Sheriff’s Office. No bail has been set. 

According to jail records, the 24-year-old, real name Kentrell Gaulden, is detained on the following charges:

  • pattern of unlawful activity
  • procuring or attempting to procure drug/prescription
  • identity fraud
  • forgery
  • possession of other controlled substances
  • possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person

YoungBoy‘s federal gun charges were put on hold in March pending the Second Amendment ruling.

He was indicted in 2021 for allegedly possessing two guns during a September 2020 incident in Baton Rouge. The incident happened when 16 people were arrested on drug and firearm charges while filming a music video in an abandoned lot.

In July 2022, YoungBoy was found not guilty of knowingly possessing a firearm during an arrest in California.

YoungBoy has been serving house arrest in Utah, under surveillance by a security firm staffed by military veterans. Last December, a federal judge allowed him access to mental health treatments but denied him more time in the recording studio, despite arguments that his record sales have suffered due to his lockdown.

While on house arrest, Youngboy has released 13 albums, including joint albums with DaBaby and Quando Rondo.