Ne-Yo Accused Of Assault & Child Exposure To Drugs & Prostitutes

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Ne-Yo’s ex-girlfriend, Sade Bagnerise, has made serious accusations against him, including claims of physical assault and neglectful parenting. In a recently surfaced Instagram Live video, Bagnerise filmed Ne-Yo inside his home, accusing him of “body slamming” her and alleging that he had drugs and prostitutes present while their young sons were in the house.

During the video, Bagnerise addresses Ne-Yo, referring to him as “Diddy Junior,” and accuses him of inappropriate behavior in front of their sleeping children. Ne-Yo responds defensively, attempting to explain that he was trying to remove her from the home because of her disruptive behavior.

Bagnerise further accuses Ne-Yo of a lifestyle involving “hoes, drugs, weed, alcohol, mushrooms, and prostitutes” while their children are present. She claims she came to help care for the children because Ne-Yo “won’t watch” them.

This incident is not the first public dispute between Ne-Yo and Bagnerise. Previously, they were engaged in a legal battle over their children. Bagnerise sought primary custody and child support, while Ne-Yo initially contested paternity until a DNA test confirmed he was the father of both children.

Ne-Yo’s personal life has been marked by controversy, including his previous marriage to Monyetta Shaw-Carter, who alleged that Ne-Yo’s desire for frequent threesomes contributed to their marriage’s failure. Shaw-Carter described a situation where they began inviting others into their relationship, which ultimately became unsustainable for her.

Since his divorce, Ne-Yo has been seen publicly with multiple women, embracing a polygamous lifestyle. Ne-Yo has not publicly responded to Bagnerise’s recent accusations of assault and child exposure.

This incident highlights ongoing personal turmoil within Ne-Yo’s relationships and parenting, leading to public scrutiny and legal disputes. Despite his success in the music industry, Ne-Yo’s personal life seems to be fraught with challenges, from custody battles to allegations of reckless behavior. The public nature of these controversies underscores the difficulties faced by celebrities in managing their private lives under constant public scrutiny.