Netflix Employees Storm Out Of Company & Protest Over Dave Chappelle ‘The Closer’ Special 

Comedian Dave Chappelle performs at Xfinity Theatre August 23
(Photo by Jeremy Saffer/Getty Images)

Some Netflix employees are fed up!

As reported on Yahoo, Netflix employees who disagree with Dave Chappelle’s anti-trans comments protested today (October 20). They chanted phrases like “trans lives matter” and much more. The publication says by noon, at least 100 Netflix employees were protesting. 

Dave’s comments are from his Netflix special called The Closer. Netflix CEO supports Dave and doesn’t want to pull his special. 

Take a look at the protest, screen-grab captured by TNT blog: 

Binary and non-binary workers want Netflix to “repair” their relationships with staff and the audience by hiring more trans executives. In addition, they want to increase spending on trans and nonbinary creators and projects.