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This week on the Wrap Up:

Jam Master Jay Murder Verdict:

Two individuals, Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan Jr., have been found guilty of the murder of Jam Master Jay, the influential DJ of Run-DMC. This marks the resolution of a longstanding case that had puzzled investigators and music fans for years. Washington and Jordan were convicted of murder in connection with drug trafficking and firearm-related offenses. Despite the verdict bringing closure for some, Jay’s cousin expressed sadness that many family members did not live to see justice served. The case dates back to 2002 when Jam Master Jay was fatally shot at a recording studio in Jamaica, Queens. The resolution came in August 2020 when indictments were unsealed, alleging a conspiracy to kill Jay over a drug dispute. A third defendant, Jay Bryant, is set to stand trial separately in January 2026.


Diddy Lawsuit (Involving Meek Mill & Justin Combs):

Rodney Jones, also known as “Lil Rod,” filed a $30 million lawsuit against Diddy, alleging sexual assault and harassment. Jones claims that both Diddy and his associates made unwanted advances toward him on multiple occasions. The lawsuit involves Diddy, his son Justin Combs, and various record executives as defendants. Legal representatives for Diddy and Justin Combs have denied the accusations, with Diddy’s attorney clarifying that two individuals initially identified as minors are actually adult women. Despite Meek Mill’s name circulating in connection with the lawsuit, he denied any involvement. Speculation arose regarding Meek Mill’s role due to his upcoming album release, but he dismissed the claims. The lawsuit also mentions other celebrities, including Stevie J and Yung Miami, associated with Diddy.


Drake’s Post Supporting Tory Lanez:

Drake recently shared a post on his Instagram Story featuring Tory Lanez, captioned “3 You,” slang for “free you.” This gesture isn’t the first instance of Drake showing support for Tory Lanez since Tory’s involvement in a shooting incident with Megan Thee Stallion. Despite their past rivalry, Drake seems to stand by Tory Lanez amidst the ongoing conflict with Megan Thee Stallion. Additionally, Drake’s track “Circo Loco” released in November 2022 hinted at a subtle jab towards Megan.


Glorilla’s Revelation About Relation to Lil Uzi Vert:

Glorilla revealed during a podcast interview that she and Lil Uzi Vert are actually cousins. Despite not addressing their familial connection himself, the two were seen together in a recording studio last August. While they haven’t collaborated on a song yet, Glorilla expressed their intention to work together. The revelation sparked speculation about their upcoming collaboration, raising questions about its authenticity versus being a promotional tactic.