New Lil Nas X’s Website Made For ‘Saving Him’

After Lil Nas X has made a step into his “Christian era” and new website has surfaced to “save” the rapper. was created on Nov. 29, according to GoDaddy’s database and has a Sony Music Entertainment copyright. This has many fans thinking that the site was created by Nas X’s team.

“This site is dedicated to finding him and saving him by turning his heart toward Christ’s light!” the site reads.

The site also has a section focused on accusing Nas X of being a devil worshiper. It vows to  “save him,” which hints at the possibility of new msuic from the hit maker.

“Has the DEVIL-WORSHIPPING pop-artist finally been sacrificed to HIS MASTER? WHY is he SECLUDING HIMSELF???? What is he PREPARING FOR? This site will answer ALL THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE!!!… We will find Montero, and WE WILL SAVE HIM BY RETURNING HIS HEART TO J.CHRIST’S LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” it reads.

Lil Nas X has yet to confirm his involvement in the creation of the website.