New Picture Of Gunna Surfaces Online, Social Media Reacts To His Weight Loss

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Gunna is back on social media.

The rapper appeared in a new picture that surfaced online with three other men. “Omg, y’all.. gunna looks so good..” commented on fan, “he [got] skinnier and finer wtf..”

Gunna was released from prison back in 2014. The “pushin P” hitmaker negotiated a plea known as an Alford plea on Wednesday (Dec. 14) because it was his best interest, while at the same time maintaining his innocence towards the same charge. Gunna was sentenced to five years — with one year commuted for the time he’s already served. The four-year remaining balance on his sentenced has been suspended and he will have to do 500 hours of community service.

We previously reported that one of Gunna’s friends, shared a sample of a possible upcoming single from the Atlanta rapper. In the clip, Gunna seemingly addresses “snitching” rumors.

“Heard the rumors said I’m packing up and flying out/We ain’t going nowhere I’m staying here, gone fight it out/I meant like f**k it/Let’s just give these n***as dark clouds/Been gone for months And I just keep seeing these dark clouds.”

The song has yet to be released.