Nia Long’s Ex Massai Z. Dorsey Says Nia Is Sticking By Ime Udoka’s Side

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Nia Long’s relationship is still making headlines.

We previously reported that Nia Long split from her longtime lover, Ime Udoka. The basketball coach reportedly had relations with an employee at his job.

Following the news, Nia Long’s ex-boyfriend and the father to her son, Maasai Z. Dorsey, shared his opinion. “We talk as a family, and it’s all about unconditional love, and that’s what she’s giving him. We’re sticking by him 100%.” 

He does say that despite it all, Udoka is a good person.“all I could say is good things about Ime. He’s a good man. All these years. I’m happy he’s in my son’s life. Every man needs another chance. Like the Bible says, the flesh is weak. He’s not a bad guy. Hopefully, he’s learned from this.”

Nia Long seemingly responds following the reports. She shared a video via her Instagram story which read, “when you see people change their whole life and start walking down a path of enlightenment, hugging trees, connecting with nature, loving themselves, embracing positivity, letting that light shine, understand one thing: that light that you see, understand one thing about that light: they had to go into the darkness to get it. No shadow, no light, know shadow, know light,” the video said.