Nick Cannon, Alongside Alyssa Scott, Launched Zen’s Light Foundation To Honor Their Late Son

Nick Cannon Wild'n Out.
(Photo by Brian Stukes/Getty Images)

Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott are doing something special for their late son.

Zen S. Cannon, who passed away in December last year from brain cancer, is getting honored. His parents, comedian/TV host Nick, and model Alyssa, launched the Zen’s Light Foundation on their son’s first heavenly birthday. In a joint Instagram post, the parents said,

“June 23rd will forever be a day of celebration… Zen’s birth has now transformed into ‘Zen’s Light.” The message says, “We are proud to announce his new foundation that will help so many others in this world.”

Alyssa and Nick want to help “foster global excellence in hope, grief care, and pediatric healthcare for families and children in need,” with the foundation. Take a look:

Last year, Nick said initially, he thought his infant had a bad sinus infection. He also noticed Zen’s head was large, CBS points out Nick at the time called it a “Cannon head.” He and his family didn’t think anything of it, but still went to the doctor to get Zen checked out. Unfortunately, that’s when doctors discovered Zen had fluid building up in his brain.

Nick and his family didn’t want their 2-month old son to undergo chemotherapy. Nick told People at the time, “We were having quality-of-life conversations. We could have had that existence where he would’ve had to live in the hospital, hooked up to machines, for the rest of the time. From someone who’s had to deal with chemotherapy before, I know that pain. To see that happen to a 2-month-old, I didn’t want that. I didn’t want him to suffer,” he explained at the time.

Nick described Zen as “the most loving child who was always smiling” and had “the most beautiful spirit.”