Nicki Minaj Responds To Katt Williams’ Joke About Joining Her On Tour

Nicki Minaj has a response after Katt Williams had a joke about joining her own tour.

We previously reported that Nicki Minaj is currently on her Pink Friday 2 world tour. Ahead of the tour, the rapper asked her fans, “I want to know, now I know that this is the busiest man in show business, I know that he’s rich.  And I know that he’s the funniest man in show business. Can ya’ll hit up Katt Williams and ask him, what would be his price, to be a part of the Pink Friday 2: Gag City tour?”

Katt, who is also on his own Dark Matter tour, reacted to Nicki’s offer. He says, “Nicki Minaj said she wanted me on her tour and she told so many people a million people hit my phone at the same time,” he told the crowd. “It scared me and Jesus. He shut all of AT&T down so my phone could cool off on the charger.”

Nicki shared Katt’s response on her Instagram story and captioned it, “texting him right tf now.”