Nicki Minaj’s Baby’s Gender Reportedly Revealed

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

We previously reported that Nicki Minaj and her husband are expecting their first bundle of joy together.

Now, rumors have been circulating on social media that Nicki Minaj’s younger sister revealed the gender of Nicki’s baby, before Nicki got the chance to. Neither Nicki or her husband, Kenneth Petty have confirmed these rumors- yet, Celina Powell is alleging that she heard from Lil Wayne that Nicki is expecting a baby girl.

“Anyway, Nicki Minaj is pregnant with a girl,” said Celina Powell during an interview with Adam22 and No Jumper. “I actually heard it from Lil Wayne. I was with somebody and Lil Wayne FaceTimed him and they were talking about Nicki’s pregnancy. I was like ‘Oh my god!’ and I wanted to record the conversation so bad but I knew I would get kicked out and I didn’t wanna f*ck up my relationship with that guy.”

There hasn’t been any confirmation to this news, but we are wishing Nicki a safe and healthy pregnancy.