Nicki Minaj’s Mom Offers Free Plastic Surgery To Domestic Abuse Victims

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Nicki Minaj’s mom announced her that she’s teaming up with a popular New York City plastic surgeon to offer domestic violence survivors free plastic surgery, according to the New York Post.

Carol Maraj, 63, who is a survivor herself, said that going under the knife can help fix injuries women suffered at the hands of their abusers. “So often, when [women] finally break free it is with scars, broken bones and disfigurements,” Maraj said Friday (May 12) at an NAACP-hosted luncheon on Long Island. “We will give these victims a new start that includes helping to restore their physical confidence.”

At the intimate pre-Mother’s Day event, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Scott Blyer ensured to work on victims. “A lot of women are embarrassed or ashamed or fearful to go to the hospital,” he said. 

“We’re going to be donating our services, all of my surgical fees and so forth will be free of charge for anyone who has the courage to step away from a situation where they were involved with domestic violence.” Blyer continued, “Perhaps a broken nose, a laceration, [is] something where we can help them out.”

In 2013, Maraj founded the Carol Maraj Foundation, an “organization dedicated to eradicating the moral blight of domestic violence in our society,” as stated on its official website.