Nike Halts Planned Sale Of Air Max 1 With Betsy Ross American Flag

Nike & American Flag
(Photo Credit: Alexander Pohl/Getty Images)

It is being reported that Nike has decided to stop their planned sale of their new Air Max 1 after receiving some input from one of their biggest endorsers in Colin Kaepernick.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the kicks were due to go on sale this week to celebrate the Fourth Of July holiday. Instead, it decided to halt its released because it displayed an American flag with 13 stars on the back. This flag is normally called the Besty Ross flag which represents the original 13 colonies.

The report states that their decision came after Kaepernick voiced that the depiction of a colonial era flag is offensive  due to the symbolization of a time where slavery was prevelant in this soon-to-be country.

At the time, the sneakers had already been sent to retailers to be sold.