Nike Reportedly Takes Ja Morant’s Sneakers Off Their Website

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Ja Morant has recently been the subject of a flood of unfavorable press.

Generally speaking, if you follow the NBA, you are well aware of what happened. Despite being instructed to withhold from showcasing guns on Instagram, he repeated the action. Initially, Morant faced an eight-game suspension for his first offense. Nevertheless, he is currently expected to receive an appreciably extended suspension. Supporters are expressing significant discontent with his behavior, with certain fans even decrying him as a “moron”. In any case, this has been an extremely difficult period for Ja Morant, whose team, the Grizzlies, were eliminated during the initial round.

As an impending NBA suspension approaches, there is concern about the potential
impact on Ja Morant’s sponsorship deals. Notably, Morant is affiliated with Nike, a brand that
places great importance on its reputation. In relation to Nike, there have been criticisms about their endorsement of Ja while seemingly lacking support for Irving. As a result, it appears that Nike has taken these criticisms into account.

As reported by TMZ, Nike has removed all of Ja Morant’s sneakers from their website.
The forthcoming release of the Nike Ja 1 on May 25th is still listed on the website, but the
availability of other colorways is currently not present. Undeniably, this is not a good
development for Ja Morant. However, it does not necessarily imply the end of his partnership
with the brand; it could possibly suggest a temporary suspension until matters are resolved.

In the end, organizations like the NBA and Nike have a reputation to uphold. They will
break ties with an athlete if they believe that the player is endangering their reputation. Having
stated that, more serious details about Ja’s situation will be made accessible soon