NLE Choppa Responds After Meagan Good Says He’s ‘Too Young’ For Her

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Meagan Good says NLE Choppa is too young after he shot his shot at her.

While NLE Choppa was on the Jason Lee show, he got a chance to spit some game at Meagan Good via phone call. After the clip went viral on social media, TMZ caught up with Ms. Good and asked her about the interaction with 20-year-old.

“I did not [hang up on him],” Meagan Good explained as fans assumed she hung up during the phone call. “It got disconnected. My mom called and then I called back. He’s a lovely young man. I hate that so many people tried to drag him and make it seem like he was simping. No, he was very sweet, very very respectful. He’s just too young for me.”

NLE responded to Good’s comments about his age. He expresses, “baby you ain’t too old. I ain’t too young, we just right in Gods eyes. Can we get [an] AMEN?”