NLE Choppa Responds To Rumors About His Sexuality: ‘I’m Comfortable Enough In My Skin’

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NLE Choppa is addressing his sexuality…again.

While on Twitter, the rapper found himself responding to rumors about his sexual preference after a thirst trap selfie of his went viral.

“First and foremost, I love myself and I’m comfortable enough in my skin to show the beauty God blessed me with,” Choppa tweeted. “Secondly, I LOVE all so I don’t mind attracting both genders, but most importantly my sexual preference is women. Please stop trying to make me something I am not.”

This is the second time Choppa had to take to Twitter to clear up rumors about his sexuality. “Two things, man. First and foremost, no disrespect to any gays. I love gay people I feel like y’all brave as motherfucker. I’m saying I love y’all I give my full support cause y’all brave as motherfucker,” Choppa said at the time. “Secondly, I’m not..that’s not my sexuality.”