NYPD Cop On Desk Duty After Alarming Social Distancing Arrest Goes Viral 

General view of resting people around Hudson River on May 03
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

People are outraged after seeing footage of a New York Police Officer using excessive force to enforce the social distancing order. 

Over the weekend, plainclothes NYPD officers broke up a large gathering of people not following the social distancing rule. One of the cops, Francisco Garcia, dragged a man to the ground, which can be seen in a video. The incident happened on May 2 around 5 pm in East Village on Avenue D and 9th Street. 

A few minutes after the shakedown, the crowd started getting upset and shouted “excessive force.” Then another bystander, Donni Wright, 33, got punched in the head by Garcia after Wright asked him what did the other man do? “He didn’t do anything,” Wright said. Garcia punched him again and again until he dragged him to the sidewalk and put him in handcuffs. 

Reported on Daily Mail,

“Wright was arrested on charges of assault on a police officer and resisting arrest. The charges have been deferred pending further investigation, a Manhattan District Attorney’s Office spokesperson said.” Garcia was put on desk duty and his gun and badge have been taken away. 

You can see in the video some of the officers weren’t wearing a mask, which is required. Take a look:


Meanwhile, on the other side of town, our Fox 5/Street Soldiers reporter posted a video of a crowd of people not following social distancing orders, but nothing was done.