NYPD Reportedly Removes Multiple Rappers From Rolling Loud

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Rolling Loud hits New York this weekend.

As reported on XXL, NYPD removed several rappers from the lineup. The artists include 22 G’z, Sha EK, and Ron Suno.

Sha EK’s team sent the publication a statement. It says, “Sha Ek is disappointed in the NYPD’s decision. He hasn’t been charged with anything to justify it. The police try to associate what he’s doing with violence and negativity. They don’t respect that he’s an artist and entertainer trying to better himself and feed his family at 19 years old. Sha Ek has performed all over the Northeast this year.” It ended with,

“The crowds at his concerts are full of kids dancing and having fun. He’s excited to keep growing his touring business and proving the police wrong.”

Ron Suno was involved in a fight last year, which could be the reason NYPD doesn’t want him at the show. Ron’s manager said, “How can a person who has no criminal record and no gang ties—the kid never even made a diss record—be denied to perform in his hometown after all his hard work?”

Unlike the other artists, 22Gz has a criminal history. He was arrested in June, and charged with attempted murder.

 In 2019, NYPD blocked Pop Smoke, Casanova, Sheff G, 22Gz, & Don Q from performing due to safety concerns.