Offset Opens Up About Celebrating His Birthday Amid The Pandemic + Reveals The Loss of His Uncle

(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Offset is reflecting on what it was like for him to celebrate another birthday amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

As reported by The Jasmine Brand, the Migos rapper said, “Dealing with this year, it took a little bit of the soul out of the birthday. But it is a blessing to be here. People have lost their lives to something that hasn’t been fixed.” 

He continued, “I lost a great-uncle to COVID. I never thought in my generation, we would go through this type of time.” Apart from celebrating his birthday, Offset revealed that he wants to pursue other ventures including acting. 

“When you’re a rapper, a lot of times people just think you have to be the gangsta in the film or some mob boss. I’m not saying I wouldn’t play that role, but this is my debut in the film, so I wanted to challenge myself.”

Offset is to make is film-debut in the film “American Sole”, starring O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Pete Davidson.