OJ Simpson Could Be RELEASED From Jail Soon

OJ Simpson in blue prison jumpsuit
(Photo Credit: Pool/Getty Images)

There has been a lot of talk on O.J. Simpson in recent years, as shows look back and investigation what went down over 20-years-ago today.

He has been staying in Lovelock Correctional Center as he awaits the chance to be released for parole. As he approaches his 70-year-old birthday, the former football star is awaiting a chance to be free once again.

According to Sports Illustrated, it is possible to beat the system if he meets the Nevada requirements of the point system which includes different things such as age, employment history prior to being arrested, and more.

His best case scenerio is he could be released by the fall. If he loses he will be locked up for another five years.

Could you imagine the madness when he is eventually released?