Omarion Details The First Time He Met Apryl Jones’ Boyfriend Taye Diggs

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Omarion details the first time he met his baby mother, Apryl Jones’, boyfriend actor Taye Diggs.

Though both Omarion and Diggs work in the industry- Omarion says the first time he met the actor was at his son’s school project meeting. “I Just met him for the first time and seems like a cool dude and he has kids of his own and he’s an older man so I only expect good things from him. We met at my son’s class project, and he came through.” 

He explains that Taye Digg says his children are wonderful and he was happy to meet him. Omarion exclaims that it’s “all good” between the two.

Though Omarion and Jones split a back in 2016, the two share two children together and co-parents both of them.