Omarion FINALLY Addressing How He Felt About Apryl Jones & Lil Fizz’s Relationship

Omarion of B2K discusses "The Millennium Tour" with the Build Series at Build Studio on March 11

Photo credit – Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Now that Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones are officially broken up, Omarion is deciding to speak out.

During an interview with Madame Noire, Omarion addressed his baby mother dating his bandmate and how he felt about it. 

“I just made the decision to be respectful to my kids and to be respectful to myself because it’s like, everybody is like, ‘I would respond like this,’ or ‘I would respond like that,’ but what happens after that? And then also, it’s like, what am I here for? Am I here for that? No. I’m here for my kids. Truly.” 

Omarion also addressed his break up with Apryl and claims that it was due to a lack of communication and outgrowing one another. “People grow and some people grow out of each other. I would say that is, from my perspective, truly is what happened.”

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