Omarion Responds To Nia Long Dating Rumors: ‘You Never Know’

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Omarion shuts down dating rumors between he and Nia Long.. but their may be some hope for the fans who was hoping the two were an item.

We previously reported that Omarion was trending online last week as he was all smiles after this brief but impactful interaction with Nia Long.

While at the red carper premiere for Netflix’s ‘You People’, Nia Long grabbed Omarion’s hand long enough for fans to think the two had something going on. After the video went viral, Nia did make it clear that she was ‘Single AF’ but yet, fans still weren’t convinced. “if Omarion & Nia Long are dating that’s a plot twist i did not know i needed..” 

Paparazzi caught up with Omarion while he was leaving LAX. When asked if the two were dating, Omarion explained that on the red carpet was the first time he met Nia- but he does agree that they both are attractive people. He says, “you never know” if the future can hold something between the two. “It was a lot of Scorpio energy” Omarion says, as both of their zodiac signs are scorpions.