Oregon Man Pulls Out Gun on TeenagersListening to PnB Rock + He Responds! [PHOTO]

PnB Rock
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As Hip-Hop music continues to top the charts, there are still some people who are bothered by the popular genre!


44 year-old Terry McCutcheon, pulled out a gun on three teenagers in Newport, Oregon for playing rap artist, PnB Rock’s “ Selfish” on a Bluetooth speaker.


One of the teenagers involved, Jose Bravo, 18, explained that he and his two friends were listening to their music while leaving a Fred Meyer superstore when McCutcheon hopped out of his black truck and confronted them. Bravo explained, “ The guy was like, ‘Yo, play some good music.’ And we were like, ‘Yo, mind your own business.”


McCutcheon then proceeded to yell at the teens so Bravo turned around and told the 44 year-old man to “ shut the f**k up”. McCutcheon appeared to be triggered by Bravo’s statement, so he grabbed a loaded gun and pointed it at the three teenagers. Bravo and his friends took off running when they heard McCutcheon cock his firearm and point it in their direction.


 After they fled the scene, they later called the Newport police to report the incident. Authorities claimed to have found McCutcheon at nearby store from where the incident occurred, discovering that he was drunk and was still holding the loaded firearm.


The police report reads, “ McCutcheon admitted he had made a mistake, and knew it right away.” The suspect was arrested and taken into custody at Lincoln County Jail and has been charged with suspicion of menacing, pointing a firearm at another person and unlawful use of a weapon.


26 year old rapper, PnB Rock, received news about the unfortunate situation involving one of his hit songs  and took to twitter to comment on the issue, referring to McCutcheon as a “ bit*h”.


See PnB Rock’s tweet below:



By: Kaprielle Trenard

Source: XXL