OUCH! 50 Cent Deals Bow Wow A Low Blow Using Future

50 Cent
(Photo Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images)

50 Cent really knows how to throw a low blow.

The rapper decided to post a photo of himself drinking some champagne while sitting in a bathtub full with bubbles on Instagram, where he instantly got trolled by the likes of Trey Songz, Bow Wow, and a few others.

“Damn 5, gon make a n**** block you mane,” he wrote in 50’s comments.

That’s when the mogul decided to have more fun with it.

“No @treysongz you can’t have all the b*****” fool. LMAO TYCOON weekend we gone go crazy in NY.”


That’s when Bow Wow jumped in to laugh. 50 was ready.

”Hey @treysongz don’t bring this nigga to the party’s man,” he wrote. “This lil nigga crazy, playing wit the money.” 50 is alluding to earlier this year, when Bow Wow was pocketing money that was being thrown in the strip club. Money that 50 Cent made sure Bow Wow paid back.


“Bro out here in the tub thrist trapping to get girls to show up to the party,” Bow Wow responded. “Ima be in London anyway… Yall gone be on a boat with all my old work. Good Luck.”

50 Cent went with the knock out blow.

“You ain’t got no b****** lil nigga @future took all of them,” he wrote. “LMAO. The f*** you talking bout. TYCOON weekend NY boat party, Pool party, Pier 115, MSG TYCOON premier party. It’s lit.”


“Hahahahaha im out! Bow Wow laughed it off, but 50 Cent came with the final blow.

“You on probation, till we figure out what happened last time man.LOL.”


Damn. It makes for great promo though!