‘P-Valley’ Star J. Alphonse Nicholson Responds After Plies Says Show ‘Traumatized’ Him

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J. Alphonse Nicholson better known as ‘Lil Murda’ from the hit show ‘P-Valley’ speaks out.

In a recent viral video, rapper Plies gives his opinion of the show. He shared a lengthy video via Instagram explaining that the show “traumatized” him, as well as caught him by surprised. “I’m Really Traumatized!!!! Man Why Y’all Ain’t Give Me A Tutorial On “P Valley” (Show)…I Heard The Show Doing Well So Congrats To Everyone Involved!!! But Damn I Wasn’t Ready For All Dat!”

During a recent interview, Nicholson responds to Plies’ comments. He says, “this video of Plies is going viral. Plies talking about how he was traumatized from the show,” said Nicholson. “And it’s interesting because he knew every character’s name, knew exactly what they said, and so you wonder, are people traumatized? Are you confused? Or are you just scared to kinda accept maybe who you are or those who those who are around you are?”

“Where does that fear come from? Where does the confusion come from? You know? That’s kinda—I’m glad that these sex scenes have started those conversations.” 

He also went on to say he wouldn’t let anyone disrespect his love interest on the show but close friend in real life, Nicco Annan aka Uncle Clifford. “And I don’t got nothing against that brother,” he continued, adding, “I will say this publicly, though, I do think it’s very unkind to talk about people’s appearance and weight and if you have something harsh to say, like… the 300 pounds of pressure joke… Nicco Annan is my good brother, I love that brother, and I wouldn’t let anyone disrespect him to his face nor through the internet… but um yea, worry about your own weight, dawg… worry about your own height…”

Watch the clip below.