People Are Protesting in Front of R. Kelly’s Studio + Future Shares His Views [VIDEO]

R kelly on stage

Photo credit – Noam Galai/GettyImages

People became even more upset after watching Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly documentary. Although the controversies aren’t new, this was the first time multiple victims were able to tell their side of the story.

For decades, R Kelly has been accused of sexual misconduct with minors and now people want the singer to pay. Protestors lined up in front of his West Side studio to call for a boycott of his music according to ABC. Reported in the article, the demonstrators believe that “it’s time.”

People like Future believes some people are giving this too much attention. During an interview he was asking if he thinks people are ”fake outraged”, and he replied, ”I don’t know what it is, there’s just too many people talking about it. I think behind the scenes it’s supposed to be done.”

Take a look at the full interview: