Playboi Carti Fans In Disbelief Over Him Gearing Up To Drop ‘Whole Lotta Red’

Playboi Carti performs on stage at Falls Festival on January 5
(Photo by Matt Jelonek/Wire Image)

Playboi Carti has kept fans waiting so long, at this point, they need to see the album to believe it.

Carti took to social media to give an update on his highly anticipated album, Whole Lotta Red. He shared a picture on Instagram and said, 

“i kAnT bELieVE mY ALBUm iS AbOUT 2 dRoP .  wTF .ps . i goT A tANK @ THe cAsTLE n0w thx.  YE.”

Carti dropped his debut album Die Lit back in 2018. Whole Lotta Red is the follow-up album fans have been waiting on for two years. Kanye West is reportedly a part of the project, HighsNobeity reports. No release date has been confirmed as of yet, but take a look at how some frustrated fans feel.