Plies Is Sick Of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’

Image of Plies performing at a concert
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Plies wants everyone to know that he is sick and tired of hearing Mariah Carey’s record-breaking single “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

On Monday (Dec. 25), the Fort Myers native shared a post on his Instagram page expressing his thoughts on the song, which tops the Billboard charts every year during the holiday.

“I’m at my muthaf**kin’ momma’s house. Do you hear this?” Plies began. “I’m sick of hearing this muthaf**kin’ song, ma. Alright?” I love muthaf**kin’ Mariah just like everybody else loves her. But there ain’t no godd**n way you want me to believe [that] this is the only muthaf**kin’ Christmas song Mariah Carey got. [Played] this muthaf**kin’ song 97 muthaf**kin’ times. No muthaf**kin’ way Mariah want nobody that muthaf**kin’ bad.” Check out the full social media clip below.