Pop Smoke’s Brother Opens Up About The Last Conversation They Had

(Photo by Arik McArthur/Getty Images)

The death of Pop Smoke still comes as a shock for many people. 

Back in February, Pop Smoke was shot and killed during a home invasion while in Los Angeles. Since his death, Pop’s brother Obasi Jackson is finally speaking out and revealing the last conversation he had with his brother. 

While on Taraji P. Henson’s show, Peace of Mind with Taraji, Obasi spoke about the rapper’s death and questioned why security wasn’t with him. 

“All of that stuff he went through, it was just – there was a time when he went through a situation where people would put him down and count him out. There was a lot of threats on his life because of that.” 

He continued. “You go out there with no security. I’m just like, I can’t even fathom,” he said. “It’s mind-boggling to me that someone would let a superstar go out with no security. That still plays on my mind. That just don’t make no sense. So, I don’t wanna point the finger, that’s not who I am as a person, but the truth is what the truth is and that’s something that bothers me.”

Obasi went on to discuss the last words the two exchanged with one another. “Me and my mom and my brother sat in the room and talked for hours, which had not happened in years. That last conversation was, okay, I know my brother loves me and he knows I definitely love him. He said that he loved me”

Obasi told Taraji that he is still going through the grieving process and that he is pushing through it.  The episode of Peace of Mind with Taraji is set to air on Facebook Watch on January 4th.