Prayers Up! Wendy Williams Has Been Diagnosed With Dementia And Aphasia

Prayers up.

According to reports, Wendy Williams has been diagnosed with Aphasia and Frontotemporal dementia.

press release from the former TV personalities confirmed that “after undergoing a battery of medical tests,” Williams was diagnosed with both conditions in 2023.

“Over the past few years, questions have been raised at times about Wendy’s ability to process information and many have speculated about Wendy’s condition, particularly when she began to lose words, act erratically at times, and have difficulty understanding financial transactions,” the release stated.

“Unfortunately, many individuals diagnosed with aphasia and frontotemporal dementia face stigma and misunderstanding, particularly when they begin to exhibit behavioral changes but have not yet received a diagnosis,” the statement continued.

We previously reported that a trailer for Lifetime’s new documentary “Where Is Wendy Williams?” was released. In the clip, the former talk show host breaks down in tears as she discusses her finances. “I have no money,” she says in the trailer. “If it happened to me, it could happen t you.”

In the clip you can see the documentary will feature Wendy’s family including her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., her sister, Wanda, and more. “We are her family,” Wanda tearfully says, “and you tell me that I’m not capable of taking care of my sister. What would you do? What should I do?”