Quavo Reportedly Among Passengers On A Miami Yacht While Armed Robbery Took Place

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Migos rapper Quavo was reportedly aboard a Miami yacht that’s being investigated for armed robbery.

According to the Miami Beach Police Department, two men aboard the yacht allegedly became “very aggressive” toward the captain and his crew when they informed them that the time on their boat rental was running out. The two men demanded a refund, and also began to threaten the captain.

The captain reportedly also alleged to police that one of the males even threatened to “kill” him and “throw him off the boat,” and took the captain’s wallet and phone from his pocket.

Quavo was reportedly on the yacht but his involvement in the incident in currently unclear. After the men were detained, [police] let [Quavo] go later and he and his entourage left in these big black SUVs with blacked out windows,” the source said.

No response from Quavo as of yet.