Queen Latifah Reportedly Engaged + Expecting a Baby with Her Lady ! [PHOTO]

Queen Latifah and girlfriend Eboni Nichols cheer for their friend Serena Williams during day 10 of the 2016 US Open

Photo Credit: Jean Catuffe – Getty Images


Is it true?


According to Radar Online,  Queen Latifah’s longtime partner Eboni Nichols has a BABY BUMP that you can’t miss.


Nichols was spotted out and about, and it’s very apparent that she is carrying.


Keep in mind, Queen Latifah has been very open about one day having kids and expanding her family.


Radar Online also caught a photo of Nichols with a ring on her engagement finger!


I guess we won’t really know until Queen Latifah confirms it herself, however, check out the photos below:


Eboni Nichols with baby bump

detail of Eboni Nichols' hand showing engagement ring

Photo Credit: Radar Online