R.I.P. Jewell Caples, First Lady of Death Row Records

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Sad news…..

According to the former head of Death Row security Reggie Wright Jr., R&B singer Jewell Caples, 53, passed away on May 6. The official cause of death hasn’t been revealed. 

The death comes two months after Jewell shared with fans she’d been hospitalized and was found to have eight pounds of fluid in her heart, lungs, and legs. Back in March, she was readmitted to the hospital on and released on March 21. In her post she said, 

 “I was Hospitalized on March 2,2022. Released on a March 5,2022 went home, 8lbs of fluid on my heart, lungs, and legs. Went back to hospital March 16 until Today March 21,2022. I Almost Died! Was supposed to be Airlifted to another facility. G.O.D. reverse my symptoms extended me some GRACE! And gave me more time with my Family and Friends! Thank you JESUS for saving my life again! GOD IS REAL!”

In another post, she thanked people for their prayers. She said, “I want to say Thank You to All the Saints that Prayed for my recovery, The Living Gospel Churches, My Family, My Friends for calling and checking on Me.”

In Jewell’s career, she contributed vocals to tracks by N.W.A. before inking a deal with Death Row Records in 1992. While at the legendary label, she worked with 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre. She was featured on albums from Dr. Dre (The Chronic) and Snoop Dogg (Doggystyle). Yahoo points out she also appeared on 2Pac’s All Eyez on Me album on the track “Thug Passion” prior to his death.

Jewell’s biggest solo hit of her career was her cover of Shirley Brown’s “Woman to Woman.” It peaked at No. 72 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached No. 16 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart.

Our hearts and prayers are with her family, friends, and fans.