R. Kelly Could Face Jail Time For Unpaid Child Support! [VIDEO]

Music artist R. Kelly (C) waves as he holds a card and a rose he received from fans as he leaves the George N. Leighton Criminal

Photo credit – JOSHUA LOTT/AFP/Getty Images


R. Kelly may have to go BACK to jail after being released a few weeks ago.

Although he’s still facing 10 counts of sexual misconduct charges, he could be sent away for not paying his child support.

He was arrested back in March for unpaid child support from his ex-wife Andrea Kelly. Prior to that, he was arrested and jailed on his sexual misconduct charges but was released after a female fan paid his $100 k bond.

It’s possible R. Kelly is in a HUGE money jam. Just two days ago (April 15), we reported that his account was in the negative. Now it seems he’s having trouble making his court-ordered monthly payments. 

According to a source, a judge previously ordered R. Kelly to pay $20,800 a month. He recently did a gig and made $22 k but that money reportedly went to his landlord. Now it appears as though R. Kelly is going to need another high paying gig or a friend to give him the money. If he can’t pay, he could face jail time.