Raise A Glass To The Inaugural Global Hip Hop Day

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June 8, 2017 marked a historic day in hip hop history – The inaugural Global Hip Hop Day.

We kicked off the day with several hip hop heavy hitters in the industry, A-listers in the game who brought a wealth of information about the hip hop scene and culture. Respected industry leaders included National Director of Ciroc, Nick Storm, and CEO and Co-founder of 300 Entertainment, Kevin Liles.

The day was filled with old school, new school and everything in between to make this inaugural event special. The celebration continued with the official proclamation of Hip Hop Boulevard and various awards given out to hip hop legends right where it all started, The Bronx.

In partnership with Ciroc, HOT 97 capped off the day with a VIP celebratory dinner and toasted the success of an amazing inaugural Global Hip Hop Day.